A luxury house with a pool and jacuzzi in Brajniki - this exceptional place in Warmia i Mazury is located between three lakes: Świętajno, Brajnickie and Warchały.
Świętajno Lake, pure and clean with a sandy beach, Brajnickie Lake - an anglers’ paradise and Warchały Lake with tall picturesque shores.

Water sports enthusiasts will find ideal conditions for windsurfing and diving (a diving school nearby), and class one waters (cleanliness), home to fish such as pike, perch, eel or tench, await anglers.

An ideal gateway location, 180 km from Warsaw with numerous attractions for water sports, angling and mushroom picking enthusiasts as well as hiking and cycling opportunities.

Szczytno is worth visiting for its:
  • 14th century Teutonic Order castle ruins,
  • Mazury Museum,
  • Szczycieńskie Pofajdoki, which are the new symbol of the town and an element used in its promotion, Evangelical church,
  • the viewing tower is worth a climb for a Szczytno panorama
  • Numerous exhibitions by photographers and painters.

Other attractions:
  • Pranie forester's lodge, where music concerts as well as various cultural events are held,
  • rafting along Krutynia river and Great Mazury Lakes (water tourism) cruises departing Ruciane-Nida and Mikołajki,
  • Mazury Landscape Park trail, Tatar trail: Szczytno - Wałpusza river - Marksoby lake - Krawno - Babięta - 40 km (hiking),
  • Wolf’s Layer - Hitler’s headquarters in Gierłożyn near Kętrzyn,
  • wild animal park in Kadzidłowo,
  • as well as numerous summer events, such as: Szczytno Days and Nights (July), Country Picnic in Mrągów and the annual Battle of Grunwald reconstruction.